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Smart Greenhouse =
Labor Savings +
Yield Increase +
Resource Management

Product Ecosystem


Mobile App


Monitor your greenhouse through our easy to use mobile app. Giving you full control of all the different operations and data to see what's happening.
Our Smart Valves control the irrigation system and allow precise nutrient injection as well as monitoring the water usage and pressure.
Monitor key insights about your greenhouse and plants like temperature, soil moisture, humidity and irradiance. 

Eliminate the need to find skilled labor

Emulates Growing Patterns

All labor intensive tasks during the plant growth cycle can be learned by the system to grow your plants just like you would.

Knows All Your Plants

Each plant requires different levels of care and can be hard to grow without the right knowledge. We've realized this and are able to provide care for almost any plant through our extensive database of plants.

Detect + Respond to Change

24/7 Monitoring

Get Alerted of Anomalies

Greenhouses require constant attention which can be expensive but it doesn't have to be. Our system never stops monitoring growing conditions and making sure they are met.
Get notified of any problems with your greenhouse before they become a serious problem.

Use Less, Grow More

Optimized Resource Management

Use only the needed amount of resources to optimize growth. From injecting nutrients into the irrigation to knowing where in your greenhouse to increase the heat. 


We've developed our system to scale as you scale your operations. Our system can easily fit into your existing greenhouse. 

Solar Powered

All our modules are powered by solar panels so you don't have to worry about batteries or power outages.

60% of water used by farms is wasted

2 million+ farms in the United States

53% of greenhouses  are struggling to find labor

We need 70% more food by 2050