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A platform made for growers to fill the gap between inventory management and sales.

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Urban Farms

Hoop Houses

"Farmatronix has really increased efficiency of our operation by helping our growers save time. Before using this platform we'd have to track plant height, GR, and pesticide use through spreadsheets that were getting too large to handle, but now all of that is easily managed through Farmatronix and I can create reports that matter to our bottom line within seconds."

- Mike Neilson, Head Grower at Beyond Garnish

Proven Winner



Improve grower performance based on realtime, visual data from pest pressure to issues over time. Our custom metrics allow you to generate reports that matter most for your operation.

Data Correlation

Don't waste time sorting through spreadsheets, our platform allows you to identify patterns and trends so you can be proactive about problems before they become critical issues.


Create custom metrics to track what's important to ensure your operation is running smoothly from labor hours to plant height. 

Resource Planning

Spend less time planning your growing operation, our platform lets you automate tasks that need to be completed based on what you're growing now and in the future. 

Organize Records

Search through your data in seconds to ensure you can find any record, image, or log. 


Identify what works and what doesn't work with scientific rigor before you fully invest in it. 

Collaborate Across Teams 

Let your sales team have realtime updates to any emerging issues identified by growers that may affect expected shipping dates.

Knowledge Management

Log your grower knowledge to create a historical database of plant-specific information to make your growing team stronger and reduce integration time for new growers.